Longest Day of the Year

Good afternoon on the longest day of the year,* official first day of Winter and a nice Sunday afternoon. Sorry, no photos today.We have had a quiet day after a very exciting one on Saturday (NOT!).

*My Bad: I should have written longest night of the year. I do know it's the shortest day! Please excuse this old senior! Thanks to the sweet blogger who caught this boo-boo.
Friday afternoon we visited Sparkle n Sprinkle in Ruskin Florida - which is about an hour from where DD & SIL live. Nice ride in what still looks like rural Florida. Not much of that left in the State nowadays.  Mr. started having plumbing problems on the way home, which caused quite a few quick bathroom stops. The situation worsened overnight, and neither of us got much sleep. Tried unsuccessfully on Saturday morning to persuade him to go to an Emergency Room. Finally SIL & I both noticed he was pale &  very bloated in the abdomen. With SIL's insistence, we drove to a walkin clinic. We walked in at noon & were told there would be a 2 hr wait. Sent SIL home to return later. Lots of patients coughing, sneezing, blowing noses. Errrgghh ..will we walk out with some germ we didn't bring in? So we availed ourselves of the face masks and antibacterial cleaner. Mr. finally got seen at 5pm. Very uncomfortable waiting time. After the clinic doc saw him, ordered an xray, THEN we are sent to another Emergency Room for a CAT scan as he thought possible bowel blockage or obstruction of some kind. Not happy news to hear at any time, but definitely not when away from home!

Called SIL to pick us up and then head to the ER. He was seen very quickly there. (No, I did not say "this is where we should have come to start"...but SIL did! Bless his heart). The medics there said "Put in a catheter first, drain the bladder, then do another Xray." Things would then be clearer on this xray, before doing a CAT scan. Having a catheter inserted for a male is NOT a fun thing to do. (DH has said that will NEVER be done to him again). By the time the bladder was drained, another xray done, the hospital medics didn't think it a bowel obstruction. Not 100% certain, but they sent him home with some medication and if the problem doesn't resolve in the next 24 - 48 hours, we are to return. Or if he gets pain or nausea, get back PDQ. I think he is a little better today, but very unhappy about the pain of the catheter, some side effects & still having frequent bathroom visits. Just not so bad as previously. We are saying thanks  be that so far, no emergency surgery to be done by doctors we don't know, and then convalesce here away from home.

On another note, in case you haven't seen the news over at DeeDee's Digis, the shop will be closing as of January 31, 2015 - due to the upcoming changes in the European VAT tax laws. While this is a very sad time for those of us who love these images, it also means it's a chance to scoop up some of your best loved images at a fabulous price reduction. I do strongly encourage checking out the link and taking advantage of the sale. I can personally attest to how easy these designs are to use. You can dress up the pre-colored designs as you desire or use the outline images to color as you choose. There's great sentiments in each set & some sets have digi papers as well. So do check out DeeDee's Digi's. There is a design to fit every card occasion.

In the meantime, have a wonderful afternoon. Thanks for dropping by for a visit, and big hugs.


It's a Dog's Life

Hi and thanks for joining me today. Brought 3 flash drives with me in the laptop bag, intending to edit & share some friends' cards that we've received. Got them photo'd and transferred off the camera disk. Thought I had copied to a flash drive to bring on the trip, and share these cards as I won't be making any myself, while away. Checked 3 flash drives, the laptop hard drive, and can not find any but the one photo'ed  late Monday night and transferred to the laptop just before it got packed! That has been posted to the Friends Cards page.

Took some photos of the grand dogs Wednesday - and we have a new one. He's called Og-gie, and is very black with a pretty shiny coat. The oldest (Ossie) is showing his age a good bit, has arthritis in his back legs. Makes getting up & down quite a struggle for him. Chuck (the dachshund) has the same problem, only in his front legs. He can hop around in the house & has to be carried outside. He used to bounce as he romped around, but now it's more of a waddle. So sad. DD has a vet coming to the house to give each of them a laser heat treatment and acupuncture, which is supposed to be helping.
Ossie seems to like to walk in the pool and around the deck - guess the sun warmed surface feels good to him. Also this surface is rather rough, so easier for him to not slip. Inside there is ceramic tile, and he has a hard time walking on it. We can see that he's lost weight, but DD says he still eats well. The vet has told her as long as he is eating well, doesn't appear to be in too much pain, they will keep treating him. He's the best mannered of all the dogs DD has had to date. Very much a gentleman. Friendly, but reserved.

Chuck pretty much stays in his bed, except when it's meal time. He doesn't bark as much as he did at first either. I miss seeing him bouncing around with the younger dogs. He is about 12 and Ossie is close to 15 yrs old.
Seems to enjoy going outside, but has to be carried out and put down in the grass, as he can't navigate the elevations involved now. He also gets 2 diabetes shots per day. He still wags his tail though, and is very friendly. I was watching him once he had been put on the deck after his trip outside. Showed no interest in going inside, so was left with me. I don't handle any of the dogs (except Ossie if the others are not around). He walked to the door but didn't appear to be able to hop up the 3 inch step up. I was calling for his mommy or granddad to come get him, and after looking at me with a "why don't you pick me up?" look, he finally just sort of hopped up and got himself inside. DD says he can still do that, but has gotten accustomed to preferential treatment.

This is the newest grand..he came here as a foster boy, but has such a nice personality, that he got to stay. He is more exuberant than the other greys, and I don't know his age. Very pretty though, and he hasn't been too boisterous. One of the dogs was a bit jealous at first, but that seems to have disappeared.

Daughter with Og-gie, Dallas & Reilly. Dallas & Reilly are sisters (8 yrs old), but Dallas came to live as a 3 month puppy. Liked to chew on my toes with her sharp little teeth. Reilly came about 18 months later, after the owners no longer wanted to keep her. Oddly, I'm allergic to Reilly, but have never noticed any of my respiratory symptoms with Dallas. They are difficult to tell apart, so I just don't pet either of them. They have matured into friendly, placid girls. Normally where you see one, the other will be right there very quickly.

This is Dallas (green collar) on what she considers her very own sunbathing property. I think the spa gets used by the dogs to sunbathe more than it gets used as a hot tub! The sea gulls like it too...they do a lot of target practice flyovers.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my granddogs. I'll have to share all our lovely Christmas cards when we get home. Or if I suddenly find them on a drive!!!

Have a wonderful Friday. Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. If all those last minute Christmas chores are not completed as yet, just remember what the real reason for this season is for, and don't stress out too terribly. Thanks for joining me. Big hugs. Come again when you have time.


DeeDee's Digis - Christmas Cardinal

Good Morning & welcome to another DeeDee's Digi post. It's no secret I think, that I love cardinals. So when I saw this image at DeeDee's, I knew it had to be mine. This was the second card made in the wee small hours prior to leaving for Florida. Again, a fast make.

- DeeDee's Digi Winter Cardinal, die cut with S/B Label 42, sponged DI while still in the die.

- white gel pen added some highlights on the branch & pine cones. A bit of red shading (primarily because in my hurry, managed to get the gel pen marks on the body of the bird! Dunno how I did it). The copics covered it nicely.

- DP from a 6x6 Christmas pack that was handy. The border strip snippet is the reverse of the leaves dp.

- Impression Obsession tree was cut from white c/s and smooshed with a green ink pad. This had been intended for another project (snippet), thought it would work to dress up this card just a bit.

Another very easy get 'er done card (as my friend Lynn calls these). This will be for an early January birthday - so just needs a little sentiment & insert.

Do check out the fabulous images to be found over at DeeDee's Digis and don't miss the fabulous digi of the month Happy Brrr-Day.  Each month there is a new "Digi of the Month" set for just $1.25. Along with this special offer, there's a "Digi of the Month Challenge" at the blog. This is a monthly progressive freebie challenge. To join the challenge, simply use the current featured set to make any wholesome project. Then link your project to the challenge post on the blog before the challenge deadline. If you do so, Deedee will automatically email you the next month's featured set for FREE at the start of the next challenge. Keep playing, and keep getting FREE digis each month -- it's as simple as that!

There are two ways to get the Digi of the Month. You can purchase it outright, or get it for FREE with any $10 purchase of products. If making a qualifying purchase, Deedee will email the set to you once your order is complete. Easy way to build up your digi stash with some very adorable and versatile digis. Easy to store too!

Thanks for joining me this morning. It's a beautiful Florida day (apologies to those of you enduring nasty weather). Going to try to add some of the lovely cards we've received to the Friends Cards section while things are quiet. Ya'll have a grand day without too much stressing over what is not done yet for your Christmas preparations. Hugs


DeeDee's Digis - Winter Woods

Hello from sunny South Florida where it's a gorgeous afternoon. Warm, not hot, just very pleasant. We left South Carolina in rain & light fog, after stopping for breakfast at a local Cracker Barrel. For those not familiar with this chain, the restaurant serves old fashioned food, and we try to stop at these restaurants when we travel. You always know what to expect, prices are reasonable, and service is usually very good. I slept most of the trip, which saves wear & tear on both our nerves. My DH is a good driver, but I'm a nervous passenger. We saw 3 very serious tractor trailer accidents coming south, two of which were on our side of the highway. One slowed traffic down a bit, but we still made good time, and were thankful that it was an uneventful trip for us personally.

I was doing some cards late Monday night (actually early Tuesday morning...about 1:30 am!) to try to post for my DeeDee's Digi DT assignment. I've mentioned that I am a very slow cardmaker. Each of these cards took about 10 minutes, which testifies to the ease of using these digis. The longest part for each card, was finding a die to fit the image as I had printed it. Fortunately there were some S/Binders handy (received from Stamping Scrapping) so it was fairly easy to pick one and get started.

Here's one that is very simply done..

- Winter Woods Digi  printed and used with no shading. Die cut with a S/B Nestability Label 42 - purchased on Black Friday from Stamping Scrapping. Good price, fast shipping. Some DI blue for corner shading.

S/B Mary Border DCWV pack of gauze fabric like paper. Thought it looked nice with the shades of color on the digi. Neutral brown dp from a 6x6 pack.

Folks that's it! When you're in a big hurry to finish a personalized card, you can't beat this effort! This image has some nice sentiments with, that could be used for many occasions. I plan to add something for a winter birthday. May add a die cut deer prior to sending, but at least I have it ready. Apologies for the poor photo. No lightbox setup here with me, so this was taken outside in the sunlight, placed upon a glass table top. Laptop doesn't have my watermark files stored on it. Ah, the pleasures of travel when you can't take all your toys along.

Please do check out DeeDee's great supply of digis if you're in need of some cards in a hurry. I can personally vouch for the fact that even if you're slow like I am, you can still do a nice card using an image found there.

We have received some lovely cards that I hope to share on the Friends Cards tab. Just didn't get time to  post prior to leaving for our holiday. I hope to import them while away, if things work properly with the laptop & camera. And many thanks for all the lovely comments about the Noel cards. When able to access email via the laptop mail program - which is an online email different from the Microsoft program used at home - there were over 100 emails. I apologize, but I will not be able to return visits to all the wonderful bloggers who were kind enough to look & comment. I'm never certain how much storage space the IP allows me, so published and then deleted a lot of the emails. But thank you for each one...DH was pleased that most commenters liked the red background best. I was happy with each card (you know, I'm my worst critic!), but I have to 'fess up that my favorite was the green Noel.

Bye for now. Thanks for visiting & have a wonderful day. I think we're off to find some lunch in a bit. I'm ready! God Bless & Big Hugs


Christmas Noel - Purple

Hello once again. This is a scheduled post and the last of the Noel images done for the brothers. Mr. decided this would be for brother #3 (who is really brother #5 & closest to me in age. Sadly, we have lost the brother #3 & #4. We don't forget them though).

- Embossed this time with Versamark and Judikins Aegean Silver. Die cut with S/B Opulent Oval. The Pentel markers once again did all the coloring.

- Bazzill texture paper in a purple shade is the card base.

- Lightweight silver glitter paper (a snippet) was diecut on each edge with a Spellbinder border die. This glitter paper looked better as a border than the Silver Shimmer Sheetz product (at least I thought so!).

- Tiny pearls were added for trim.

On each of the card backgrounds, I purposely kept things simple. I wanted the pretty image to be the focus. I liked each of the cards and Mr. & I debated on which we liked best. He preferred the red background. I rather liked the green Noel best. What do you think????

Thanks once again for joining me. This schedule post will be set for late Monday night. Tuesday morning, if all goes according to Mr's plans, we will be on the road to Florida to spend the holidays with our DD. So very busy getting ready to depart. Will try to keep in touch while we're away, but won't be posting cards! Just blather & babble. Big hugs. Have a wonderful week.

Christmas Noel - Green

Good evening and welcome to another scheduled post. This is the 2nd of the PSX Noel image cards that was done for the brothers. Mr thought this one should go to Brother #2.

- PSX image stamped in Memento (Bamboo Leaves - I think). Started out using Polychromos pencils, but then covered most of the pencil coloring with Pentel marker pens. On the bottom left foliage - which I thought looked like mistletoe & berries - there is only pencil coloring, as I wanted it kept very light.  Shaded with DI sage green while still in the S/B die. If you click on the image to enlarge it, perhaps some of the glisten will show better. This image was done first - before the other 2 Noels. Tried to think of a different look for each stamping.

- Gold Shimmer Sheetz border - embossed with Sheena Douglas Holly.

- background is a sprayed piece - done some time ago, with Dylusions, Lindy's & other sprays during a play session.

- gold pearls at the corner and this one is complete. Hope you will like it. Thanks for joining me once again, and hope your Monday was a great start to a new week. Big hugs & come again when you have time. God Bless.

Christmas Noel - Red

Good Morning & Welcome. Today's will be a scheduled post. I made 3 cards from the same lovely PSX stamp (K-1624). Each card is for one of my three beloved brothers & their wives. Here's the first one, that will go to Brother #1 (Mr. made the selections as to which brother got which card)

- Stamped with versamark, heat embossed with Ranger Queen's Gold. Colored with Pentel marker pens. IRL this just sparkles, not sure how well it shows up on the photo.

- Elizabeth Craft gold shimmer sheetz embossed with Sheena Douglas Holly EF. This EF produced a very nice emboss on the shimmer foil, which does not always happen with the less deeply etched embossing folders. The sheet was cut to fit the side borders, since the part under the focal image doesn't show anyway.

- Focal piece was die cut with a S/B die. Don't remember which decorative die it was, but the edge in one place tore just a bit as it was removed from the die. Rather than try to mend it, just snipped the outside part away with the scissors and liked the trim on the resulting edge.

Would also like to introduce 2 new followers: Kristie Goulet of Kreative Kristie. I found Kristie's link over at another blogger - and zipped over to see her cards. Do please take a few minutes and say Hello to Kristie.
AJ Bodine of RutabagaPie Designs. I found AJ over at Darnell's, and when Darnell mentioned that AJ was from North Carolina, I had to check out what a neighbor Carolinian was doing. Enjoyed very much seeing AJ's blog and I think you will too! Pop over to say Merry Christmas, if you've a minute or two for inspiration.


Stay tuned for 2 more versions of this same image...wonder which one you'll like best?! Thanks for joining me this morning. Hope you have a grand day coming up. Ours will be very busy! Big hugs.