Dylusions Sprays and Another Palm Fern

Hello and welcome. As you'll see from today's card, I've been having fun with some Dylusions sprays and that Hero Arts Palm die. I really like the look of that die and have seen that Penny Black has one similar to the Hero Arts die. I've been trying to keep improving on that embed the die technique and the frond in this card was one from an earlier attempt.

- Hero Arts Palm Die cut from a Dylusions sprayed paper using Postbox red, dilutions with white linen, Tangerine, yellows, then sprayed with bronze spray.

- Green mixed media (Canson #90) paper sprayed with various greens - either full strength or diluted with white linen or just plain water. There's a bit of yellow spray created with an acrylic paint mixed with water added in as well. I just play with colors in the family of choice, until I get a result that pleases me. Sometimes I spray the paper first with a spritz of water, sometimes I don't. I wear some Dollar store latex gloves too ---- if I think of it before starting the play.

-S/B curved bracket border die at the bottom.

- under side of the die cut was created with spraying some reds & bronze over a snippet of white Canson. There's a bin of old tissue dress patterns sitting by the airbrush table (part of the reorganization and finding another place to store these old patterns). A loose piece caught my eye, so took it, crumpled it well & dabbed into the wet sprayed red. Then decided to try spreading the crumpled piece into the wet & let it dry to see what effect it would make. Sprayed it with another coat of the bronze, and left it to dry overnight. Not sure I like it here, but I do plan to try some embossing paste, color that and then apply some of the crumpled tissue into the wet paste to see what happens!

Think this will be another family birthday card, but sentiment will get added later.

Thanks for spending some time here today, and come again when you can. Hugs & Blessings. Have a great afternoon.


Stamp Scape and Pencil coloring

Hi Ya! Welcome and thanks for popping by today. This is another scheduled here goes:

- Stamp Scape image colored with Colorsoft pencils on matte paper. This was a small bit of cardstock that folded to make a 3.5x3.5 square card. Birds drawn with a Copic black multiliner pen, and white gel pen for highlights on trees and rocks.

- card base covered with some Paper Studio DP with center die cut using a square S/B die. The first opening frame didn't look 'just right', so using 2 sizes of the square S/Binders, die cut another frame. Bottom portion of the frame is covering up the reflections & ripples I attempted in the water, but also  hides the ragged edges of the picture on the sides.

A sentiment will be added at a later date.

Been a while since I tried using pencils. Sometimes I get very discouraged trying to blend with pencils! But I try again at another time after I've seen something on a blog that was done with pencils and looks so great. I know it takes practice...

Have a great afternoon, and thanks for your visit. We're still working on the basement reorg project. Hugs


Butterflies are Free - Spots and Stripes

Hey Again. Finally got a chance to join in Mrs. A's Butterfly Challenge, and this week's theme is
Spots and Stripes+Butterflies.  Each Butterfly challenge I've wanted to play along, but other things just get in the way. Doing a few scheduled posts freed up a little window where a butterfly card could come together with some new Memory Box dies that arrived a few weeks back. Here's the card:

- sprayed spots & stripes background created from white cardstock, using Dylusions sprays, Tattered Angels sprays and some acrylic paint diluted mixture . (supplies in the pic below). Stamping done with Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink (creamy brown & wisteria) using Impression Obsession Cover a Card Thick & Thin (CC008)- stripes with creamy brown; overstamping with CAC CC003-Dots in wisteria. Cut the piece in 2 sections. Burlap & silk wide ribbon glued to center of a folded cream card. Each section of the spots & stripes glued over this ribbon.

- MB Floating Butterflies Background (98991) diecut from another sprayed white c/s - but this piece was stamped with Hero Arts F5584 Single Starburst using Magenta Maya Arts Gold Paint. A dollop of this rather thick paint was put on the non-stick mat and diluted with water, then the stamp inked & stamped. My first time using this process, so I need to work on getting this diluted texture done better, as it stamped out a bit goopy. Once this dried, the butterfly background was die cut.

- MB Floating Butterflies (98978 - an outline) was die cut from a lavender cardstock. First tried cutting this die with a beautiful shimmer sheetz product. Did not cut well, so will have to be fussy cut and I think it will be an 'entire piece' not just the outline. You'll see it on another project I expect! Applying glue to the skinny outline was the hardest part of this card. The thin outline piece wanted to stretch out of shape as glue was applied, my fingers got sticky and then it was a bear to try to get placed properly over the outline. I am trying to think of how I could have used the Sookwang tape to do this bit, but the lightbulb hasn't gone off yet.

_ Elizabeth Craft die sentiment from same lavender card stock.

So off I go to link with Mrs. A's Spots & Stripes Butterfly Challenge. Won't you join in???
Thanks again for your visit today. Come again when you can. Hugs.

Supplies to create card backgrounds
about 2 tablespoons of the Ivory acrylic paint mixed with water in spray bottle. Added a few drops of the Dylusions Coffee spray that had already been diluted with water in another spray bottle. Tattered Angels sprays were Crème de Cacao and Apricot. sorry...Butternut Squash! These sprays created a lovely café au lait colored background that has a lot of sparkle IRL.

PS: I totally forgot to say Winner #2, Follower 43, Sheila of  lala crafts contacted me yesterday and her little surprise package was mailed off this afternoon. Congratulations, Miss Sheila, and I hope you enjoy the goodies.

Chuck the Dachshund

Hi there and a big welcome for joining me today. This will be a scheduled post, so right to the card we shall go:

- image is Great Impressions stamp that DH bought after DD took custody of her FIL's Dachshund (Charlie) when he had to go into a care facility. We didn't think Charlie (whom we think is more of a 'Chuck' personality) would survive long because of grieving for his master. Surprisingly he is flourishing as DD has 3 greys and is very meticulous with her dogs' care. There's probably lots of children that don't get this kind of loving care! Chuck does have some black spots - which this guy doesn't (yet---  but he may eventually!) and he loves to bark. He thinks he is a youngster now, even though he's pretty old in dog years, and it's so funny to watch him romping with the 2 younger greys. Those stubby little legs really scamper along. DD's vet discovered Chuck had diabetes, which requires shots & special food; most of his teeth had to be extracted by the vet due to the diabetes going undiscovered & untreated for a long time. He loves to sneak over and snarf up anything the greys leave in their bowls, so he has to be fed, then put in his kennel at food times. Really cute to watch him.

- S/Binders die cut of the image placed atop a snippet of a Sue Wilson die used on this card. Card base background is from a 6x6 WeR Memory Keepers Anthologie, and the tracks piece was made using a Kaiser craft clear texture stamp. Inked the stamp with a Fluid Chalk blue, stamped a row, then reinked with a green shade, inked again, overlaying one row of the blue, ending with a 2nd row of blue. I liked this stamp for the ease of seeing the placement of the stamp. What I didn't care for, with the Fluid Chalk ink, is that the ink got on the clear plastic base of the stamp and had to be carefully wiped away prior to stamping. Another type of ink might not have done this so badly.

- tiny strip of the Anthology paper left from trimming to fit the card front was adhered in the curve of the Kaiser Craft piece, which was trimmed with a S/B border die.

A sentiment will be added at a later date. Expect this will be a card for DD.

Hope you enjoyed saying Hi to Chuck. Come again when you can set a spell, have some good iced tea and we'll just swing a while on the front porch. Hugs & Blessings.


Dreamweaver Brass Stencil Cameo Head Hello

Good afternoon and welcome. Firstly, warm welcomes to a new follower, Diane H. of  Nellies Nest. Thanks so very much for becoming a new follower.

Secondly, Follower #89 (this post) did not contact me in the specified amount of time, so Mr. RG came back on the job, and selected another follower for a little surprise. Follower #43, Sheila of lalacrafts was RG's choice this time around. So hopefully Sheila will contact me by July 22 (48 hrs from today) to give me her mailing info and I can send her a little surprise.

OK, on with today's card. I've seen brass stencils used for embossing for quite a while, but just never got around to trying this. All the videos I've seen show using a plumber's red rubber mat 'thing-y' to emboss with, and we've never bought this plumber's kit that is shown. Decided why not just try the tan embossing mat I use with everything, so I did. Took me a couple of tries to get the sandwich right (cause I'd forget the stacking order I'd see in the videos by the time I actually got around to trying this!)*

- Embossed a white piece, trimmed out the cameo head section. Very fussy cutting too. Embossed a black textured paper for the background, as I love black & white cameos. I've always thought they were such a genteel, old fashioned look.  Trimmed the oval embossing with tiny pearls - which keep coming off even though they are supposed to be adhesive! Also kept thinking the head looks 'crooked' until I looked at the stencil again. I knew I had the piece straight going through the Big Shot!

-matted on a textured silver snippet and then on a Heartfelt Decorative Window Die because I thought the cameo needed some frills around the plain mat.

- Background created with a white index card (which just happened to be handy and it worked fine). Used Dylusions Slate gray diluted with water then diluted with white linen. The pink spray was made using some acrylic paint which had thickened so much as to be unusable, but a few blobs in the bottle - adding some water, makes a fine spray - just shake it well first. Added some irResistible Silver spray - again shake well. The pink added just a touch of color and the irResistible created some nice blotches. Embossed this piece after it dried with C/B Anna Griffin Piroutte EF. Used a sponge to dab over some Fluid Chalk Charcoal Gray just to bring up the embossing a bit.

- S/B curved border to shape the edge of the card and another border cut some black to go on the inside edge.

*Here's the order embossing was done: Stencil on the cutting plate - face up, covered by card stock. Tan rubber mat, 2nd cutting plate. Used the Big Shot Multipurpose Platform, with all tabs lifted out of the way. I tested the sandwich with one tab down as a shim, the machine didn't want to push it through, so lifted that tab out of the way, and then the sandwich went through more easily. It felt 'tight' but crankable without damaging the machine. Suggest if you try this, test your own cutting machine carefully, and if the sandwich seems too 'thick', try it without any tabs down & use shims if you need to. I've seen videos where the stencils were used with Cuttlebugs too.

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and I'm off to get some scheduled posts ready. We really need to get back to the basement project and get some more organizing done. It's a slow process! Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Hugs & Blessings.


Fern Birthday with Snippets

Good afternoon. Remember this card? Had to scrap #1 effort but I salvaged the fern die cut from the sprayed background. There was a cut out snippet from removing the center part of another sprayed background and finally had a chance to put the two pieces together. So this one is really made up of snippets!

- Hero Arts Palm die, from Dylusions sprayed background. (Yes I think it could be called a snippet - well a leftover anyway)

- S/B Adorning Labels 25 (I think!) from another Dylusions created background. (snippet)

- back ground was cut from the same 6x6 pack as this card - so not really a snippet. Used DI Wild Honey & Spiced Marmalade to sponge over the dp, to change the brightness to work better with the tones of the fern and green piece -  then embossed with a leafy fern EF.

- sentiment stamped from a small white snippet, in Wild Honey, punched with an SU oval punch.

Once I found all the elements - this one came together fast. Another August birthday card done, except for the inside. May decide to add some rhinestones or pearls below the stamped sentiment.

Have a grand evening, and as always thanks so much for stopping in to visit, hope you liked the card, and come again when you can 'set a spell'. Hugs

PM Edit: Since this was a scheduled post for 7-17 afternoon, and since the Snippet Playground for Week 133 is still open, and since I can submit 3 cards and I _have_ done a lot of visiting to 'play nicely' - I'm going to jump over the pond and say Hey to Parsnip with this snippety card! There's some nice prizes and you can submit up to 3 cards for a chance to win. So you still have time to hunt up those snippets and play along. Not to mention seeing some very inspirational cards too.

As a chuckle to those of you who said you showed the In Process craft project to your hubbies: I'm lucky that DH doesn't say too much - only when I get after him about his 'schtuff'. I've been very blessed with every hobby I've tried, that he's been encouraging - not to mention enabling too.For anyone who wants to come play, you will certainly be most welcome, and I would absolutely LOVE it. It's exciting to meet someone you've known in Blogland. It's happened to me a couple of times and it was just grand. So come ahead. Our Upstate city has a very nice airport, so far still small enough to get around easily, but {sigh} it is being enlarged.  I expect it won't be quite so convenient once all that gets done...we're told the project will take at least 5 years.


Organizing Space

WARNING: Picture heavy!
Hi - back again, with the promised pictures of what is currently in progress in one of our basement rooms. But before I share the pictures, let me share that today is the birthday of one of our wonderful Bloggers, known to so many of us: Bonnie of Stamping with Klass. If you have a few minutes, do go over and enjoy some stunning cards by Miss Bonnie, and leave her some birthday love.

Now for the pics (don't laff too hard, it's still quite a mess.) This all started when I asked if DH could fix a table that is high enough for me to sit comfortably and have my Genesis cutter in a more comfortable location for me. Where it lives currently is just fine for an occasional trim, but there's stacks of 12x12 that need to be trimmed to fit in folders that will hang in a new filing cabinet that you'll see. I can't stand that long without my back getting angry with me - good excuse for procrastination, no? Anyway, there was a table top being used in the garage and he decided to buy some metal legs which would make the table high enough for a stool to enable me to sit. Methinks it may have been cheaper in the long run to just 'go buy something', but this occupied him with many trips to our local home improvement center, working with his drill, etc. And I got something workable from his idea. Here we go:

The metal legs made the table as high as the airbrush table to the left. The leg underneath the table will be added at the back to add more stability - which I don't think is necessary...but I'm not arguing with him. As you can see, there's still mess on the top and underneath. I'm thinking I'll set the sewing machine I occasionally use for card stitching on this table - as well as the Genesis cutter. There's precut holes in this thick top for electrical cords too. The white file cabinet to the right is one found at a thrift store, painted white, put on rollers so I can move it about easily. To the right of the cabinet is a bookcase which was already in the room, but lots of the books have been donated, and some seasonal MS punches are on the shelves.

Airbrush area to the right of new table -  with sprays, pan pastels, compressors, copic refills and the stool that can move from the air brush table to the cutting table as needed. Holding up this table top  are 2 very old bookcases scrounged from an estate sale up in New England. The top was another salvaged item.  Bookcases are handy for storing SU cases of stamps, some craft books, and other items which desperately need a sort through. The stacked pizza boxes are meant to contain overspray but usually I don't bother.

When I mention the small windows in our basement, here is one of them in this room. These are set in the walls at ground level, so don't allow much light into the room. The basement was constructed of 3 walls of thick solid pour concrete in molds, delivered on flatbed trucks and placed into a prepared trench with a large crane. Coming as we did from Florida, basements were unknown to us, but we've been pleased with this one. DH & a brother finished off the inside and made 2 big rooms, with a full bathroom too.

This view shows the door going into the 'tv room' and the light from the other basement window is reflected up at the top. There's a plastic hanging shoe bag on the door - stores fiskar punches, empty spray bottles and various other supplies that fit in the pockets. On the side walls are Recollection shelves from Michael's that were being discontinued, so got at sale prices. The same type of  Recollection file cabinet shown has some of DH's airbrush stuff, that needs going through and moved. More sprays and paints are kept in these wall shelves.

another view of the bookcase with punches, and the table where a lightbox lives (thanks to Cornelia for this super idea, which works great). The table was an island that initially resided in our kitchen upstairs. Got replaced as a kitchen item and found employment in the basement.

Better view showing the ott lights for the light box, and all the 'schtuff' on the island shelves. To the right is the very nice file cabinet we discovered when on a recent trip to the local Goodwill store. DH put castors on the bottom so that it can be moved easily. These drawers are going to house the paper supplies, once I can get them trimmed to folder size, assorted by color. Presently the stacks I had piled everywhere are placed inside some of the drawers, so that we didn't have to keep moving piles of paper as we changed things about.
Better view of the cabinet. The end table was for a bed that was previously here;  has a drawer in it. The tool box was a birthday gift years ago - just for me - and houses cutting plates, extra cutting platforms, etc. On top of the tool box is a dusty Cricut and the stickles holder. Next to this is a very rickety storage shelving unit - purchased for $10 years ago. Now I see them for $69 in places...totally overpriced. It is not sturdy at all, and needs to be propped between something else so that it doesn't tip. I'm glad we only paid $10 for it.  Stamp Scape stamps live in the drawers. An old crock & wicker basket hold rolls of Christmas paper that I had ideas for, which have not come to fruition yet. Also DH's hat rack is still on the wall. In the far corner not shown, is a cubby where he has ballcaps stored.
Going clockwise around the room from the last view, this is a short wall which is to the left of the basement bathroom.(didn't think that would be of any interest - but you can just see the door molding!)  Another nightstand with some drawers - and another Michaels Recollection shelf sale item. We got 5 of these - going to 3 different stores - when we found the sale. To the right of this view, is the entrance to our basement coming in from the garage, and all the magnets on the metal doors were collected on our travels. The small shelving rack was brought in from the garage and cleaned, will make excellent storage. Same with the white shelving in the foreground. This was another old bookcase from an estate sale, which had been in the garage. Now has large punches, flat EK punches.
The white bookcase was placed under a pegboard which had been put up to hold punches..something I saw on a blog. I wish DH had gotten the white pegboard, but he didn't, and I didn't ask him to take it back either!! We used curtain rods for the bars instead of the Ikea racks that I've seen used elsewhere. Works fine, and cheaper too. The hutch and shelving unit were purchased some years ago from a local stamp store that was closing...I think we paid $50 for the set. All the cd's that are in the top shelves are going to be loaded to flash drives - eventually! - and the cd's will be going more storage. The wall behind this area is the stairwell to our main floor.
To the right of the hutch, is another double unit similar to the rickety one...but this one is more sturdy. Has embossing powders, glitters, and the top has whatever didn't get put away. With the vacuum as a wonderful decoration to it all!!! Just haven't put it away yet, as we keep needing it each time we work on this project.

Hope I didn't bore you to death, but at least now when I talk about my basement stamp area, you know what part of it looks like. There's another same size room on the other side of the stairwell, that has our tv room - which has now become my stamp room, and it's in even a worse shape than this area! But one of these days...hopefully...

That's it. Hope you liked the tour and didn't fall asleep. If you've got any good suggestions, feel free to tell me! Hugs and Happy evening. Come again when you can. I'm off to do some visiting of some lovely bloggers.